At LUSH TEMPLATES FOR WEB we believe in offering beautiful yet functional website solutions for novice and professional WordPress users alike that work seamlessly with the famous plugins.
We design and create WordPress Page Layouts and Page Builder Blocks for niche websites.

Our packages offer everything you require to produce stunning professional websites because we believe that you shouldn’t need to look anywhere else for the different components of your site.

We do not offer just templates – we offer complete solutions!

We ensure all our end-users are confident, comfortable and happy with the websites they can produce.

Our difference is that not only do we believe this, our products also follow this philosophy.
According to the template package you choose, we offer you some or all of the following;

All .json files for popular page builders used

All image files displayed on our demos in .jpg, .png and .gif formats

All graphics and logos in .psd or .eps editable files

All content in .xml files for posts published and displayed in our demos

All custom post types created to increase functionality in our demos

All custom fields created and used in our demos
(ACF or PODs)

Any extra settings required for our demos, for suggested plugins

All CSS code we have created for demos

All forms included in our demos created with independent plugins

Documentation with complete visual step-by-step instructions

We know that creating content and figuring out how to display it, could be overwhelming and complicated.
While you have a WordPress installation active, our template packages give you the ability to set up a complete website in minutes!

Do you need a specific Solution?

We got you covered!

Our main services focus on the:

Online branding Development

We intensively develop unique Online Marketing Solutions to meet your specific needs. Just a beautiful website is not enough anymore. Your web pages must convert visitors to clients/customers. We are certified Inbound Marketeers and we build smart automations that will save you time and valuable resources.


what we do and we'll take special care of your project!

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