The wiser choice to make for creating reliable backups of your WordPress site(s)

Latest Update: December 6, 2018

UpdraftPlus is a “one-stop” backup solution for any kind of WordPress site. What we usually search for on a WordPress backup solution is to find a reliable plugin, set it up quickly and to be able to restore our backup files within seconds. We also need to schedule automatic backups that would be preferably saved on a different server from where we host our site (for extra security).

Well, all these features and much more can be found on the free version of the UpdraftPlus plugin. When we run a WordPress multisite installation or if we develop numerous WordPress sites for clients, then we can take advantage of very affordable Updraft premium add-ons or bundled solutions. We use the  UpdraftPlus plugin on all our WordPress projects and it never failed us. There were times that some of our clients accidentally broke their sites and we restored them in just a few seconds with this valuable tool. We recommend the setup of the UpdraftPlus plugin on every WordPress site with auto-scheduled backups and remote storage (i.e. daily database backup and weekly files backup on a Google Drive or Dropbox or Amazon S3 account). The remote storage setup of the plugin is very easy runs instantly.


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