A free drag and drop responsive form builder plugin for WordPress.

Latest Update: December 8, 2018

Caldera forms is a responsive powerful form builder Free plugin that most of its features usually found in premium plugins. With Caldera, you can create almost any kind of form and display it anywhere on your website.

A form can also be displayed on a modal window using a caldera widget. After form submission, a customizable email notification can be sent to the sender and any other recipient you need to inform. Caldera provides a lot and very important form-fields that can be easily customized with CSS. All form submissions are kept as form entries backend and can also be shown front-end with a simple shortcode. Form entries can be downloaded in a CSV file.  Our favorite features of Caldera forms are the “magic-fields” there are available in all plugin settings and save time and effort during form building. Combining Caldera forms with the free Caldera forms custom fields plugin we love to create front-end guest posts submissions end post-editing of any custom post type. Caldera Forms plugin is antispam by default and fully GDPR compliant.


Josh Pollock and Caldera Labs