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Latest Update: December 5, 2018

Bitly is a growth tool that transforms any link to a powerful, live tracking element. It is shortening link tool that helps on sharing easily your web-pages, lead magnets, posts, product pages or else.

After shortening your links with Bitly they become “Bitlinks” and start keeping a record of how many times a certain “Bitlink” was clicked, by which referrer and what location. These insights are valuable for strategic decision making regarding any of your online campaigns. Bitly is integrated with many Social Media scheduling apps and there is also a mobile app.

Bitly also provides a Chrome and Firefox addon. As soon as you activate the Bitly addon, press its button on your browser toolbar to connect it with your Bitly account. With this addon activated on your browser, you can shorten the link of any webpage you want. If you are on a page that you need its short link, just click the “b” button on the toolbar and a slide menu will open on the right side of your screen with a ready-made short link. You can also set the addon to ask you before creating any short link.

Bitly Basics: Bitlinks

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