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Latest Update: December 8, 2018

Custom fields are a form of metadata that can be built to extend post/pages and custom post types in WordPress. Custom fields allow you to create areas of specific information on your website content. Some very common forms of custom fields we often use through plugins functionality are a post Subtitle, an image gallery or a Slider.

We use Custom Fields to better organize and present certain parts of information. We use them especially when we have to build new content types (aka Custom Post Types) other than posts and pages in WordPress i.e. Events, WIKI, Recipes, Books, Services e.t.c.

We do not necessarily need a plugin to add custom fields because this ability is built into WordPress by default. However, the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin, transform this process to a pleasant game like LEGO! Using ACF functionality through its user-friendly interface we can develop easily, amazing content sections. This is the main reason the ACF plugin has more that one million active installations. At LUSH TEMPLATES FOR WEB, we use the FREE or the Pro version of ACF on almost every new WordPress project. The amazing things that we can do with this plugin can only be described and presented on a dedicated, in-depth guide we are planning to publish soon.