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Today, I’d like to give you some ideas of how you can use the font pair CINZEL & POPPINS.

It is an elegant font pair that you can use on many types of professional websites , or feminine blogs. At the end of this post you can download the font families and all the visual material of this presentation.


Cinzel is a typeface inspired in first century roman inscriptions, and based on classical proportions. However it’s not a simple revivalism, while it conveys all the ancient history of the latin alphabet it also merges a contemporary feel onto it.

Styles included: Regular | Bold | Black

Poppins is a new-comer on the geometric sans serif typeface families. With support for the Devanagari and Latin writing systems, it is an internationalist take on the genre. 

Many of the Latin glyphs (such as the ampersand) are more constructed and rationalist than is typical. The Devanagari design is particularly new, and is the first ever Devanagari typeface with a big range of weights in this genre. Just like the Latin, the Devanagari is based on pure geometry, particularly circles.

Styles included: Thin | Thin Italic |Extra-Light | Extra-Light Italic | Light | Light Italic | Regular | Regular Italic | Medium | Medium Italic | Semi-Bold | Semi-Bold Italic | Bold |Bold Italic | Extra-Bold | Extra-Bold Italic | Black | Black Italic

Website Tags

Website Buttons

Website Menu


Website Sections

Download the Font Families and all the Presentation Material

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Fotini Kokkinaki

Online Branding Developer & Owner of LUSH TEMPLATES FOR WEB 
Working as a WordPress developer for over 10 years, a certified Inbound Marketeer and Growth Driven Designer by Hubspot Academy.

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