8 Initial Settings for Elementor Page Builder plugin

When we start a new WordPress project we need to configure a lot of things on our Theme and Plugins options. On specific plugins which play a significant role in our WordPress, we need to be more careful when configuring them. Elementor Page Builder  is  a very important plugin on every WordPress installation because is not a simple plugin anymore. It is a theme builder, which means that we can build – in various ways – many global elements on a website (i.e Header, footer, Custom global templates…) and not just some simple webpage sections. If we carefully set up this powerful plugin, we will: 

  • Save hours of page building and editing
  • Achieve a faster website loading
  • A smoother WordPress working environment with less conficts

In this post, I’d like to share one of my personal Cheat-Sheets that includes 8 initial settings I usually apply when I use Elementor Page Builder Plugin.

I would be glad if you could test them and submit your comments at the end of this post.


for Elementor Page Builder

8 Iinitial-settings for Elementor

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Fotini Kokkinaki

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Working as a WordPress developer for over 10 years, a certified Inbound Marketeer and Growth Driven Designer by Hubspot Academy.

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